Participants schedule
Festival concerts

Every morning, our participants will gather to Atelier rehearsals at Vilnius Teachers’ House and Lithuanian Museum of Cinema, Music and Theatre, where they will learn new music and prepare for their final performances.

Open Singing

Every afternoon, we will all gather in the courtyard of the Lithuanian Museum of Cinema, Music and the Theatre to sing our hearts out – each participant will get a chance to try singing some fun and easy songs right there on the spot, together with hundreds of new friends! The experience will be conducted by Tom Johnson from Belgium and Martynas Vilpisauskas from Lithuania.

Creative Labs

When we get a little bit tired of singing, we will explore music in other ways! What does singing in a choir do to your brain? Is it true that singing and rowing both use the same muscles? What do singing, mathematics and chemistry have in common? We will make our own instruments and carry out experiments; make music with every day objects and put our phones to good creative use!

Choir-to-Choir Concerts

Our evenings will be dedicated to listening – a core skill for any good choir singer! Three amazing nights in one of the most loved choral halls of Vilnius – St Catherine’s Church – await. Each concert will feature one Lithuanian choir and one choir from abroad, so you will get a good mixture of different music. Entry free for participants (make sure to register beforehand), limited tickets available for non-participants.

Study Tour

This is a special format for choir conductors – regardless of whether you’re coming with or without your choir, you can join an international group of colleagues and explore the festival from a professional point of view. What are the main techniques used by each Atelier conductor? What are the best choral singing practices in various countries? These and other topics will be discussed every day in our Study Tour, led by Marleen Annemans from Belgium and Jan Schumacher from Germany.

All of the above pictures are from the Europa Cantat Junior 2011 Pärnu (Estonia) – thanks to Urmas Luik!